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Login and Registration Now Functional

Finally I have upgraded the website to add new functionality, including:

  1. Registration
  2. Login
  3. Forgotten Password
  4. Access level controlled content views
  5. Membership details editing

It has taken a while to get this far because a lot of interelated functions needed to be added all at once, and I couldn't just add one bit at a time.

Now this hurdle has been crossed, future development can continue with small increments.

If you have joined the club since January it is likely that you have not yet been added to the database or, if you have, not all your details may be present. Now that the committee has proper access to the membership database these ommissions can and will be corrected.

The first time you try to login you will be sent an email to reset your password. This is because we are using a more secure modern hashing method to store the password and we need you to set a new password using this system.

If you are not yet in the database, you can register yourself and then login and update your details yourself. This will save the committee some work, and we would appreciate it. You may not have full pilot level access to content until we activate that role against your account, even after you add your HGFA details yourself.

Thank you all for your patience and assistance with this.

Romann Kudinoff: Tuesday 19 Jul 2016

New Look Website

We are moving the SkyHigh website to a new mobile friendly, responsive design. Unfortunately the process has had to be brought forward because our previous hosting plan has been discontinued , so we have been forced into an upgrade before the new development is complete.

Because of this there will be a period of time where the new site has gaps in its functionality. Please be patient with this. The website is developed by volunteers in their spare time.

All data from the original site has been saved, including the membership database. If you joined after midnight on the 7/1/16 you may have to resubmit your details to the new site. Otherwise all membership data is being brought across. Please contact the membership officer using our Contact section if you think this applies to you.

Romann Kudinoff: Monday 11 Jan 2016